Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Scie-Fi story: The long wait ends

The locked room was as secure as the Sea Org could make it.
Large windows frosted the Florida sunlight into bright fog. The walls were fully soundproofed.
A small elevator door opened at waist level, and a box slid onto the empty desk. The top of the box opened itself in a cool way.

He took out the leatherbound folder with golden letters on front: SOURCE BRIEFING - CONFRONTING THE 8TH DYNAMIC
The text printed on heavy paper stock wasn't written by Ron, but it was all based on his originations.

He took out the golden Video CD, and inserted it into the player that was cunningly concealed in the desk.
Dramatic music began to play, and the room darkened. The dark wall in front of him was actually a screen.
Now it showed a stormy night sky with flashes of lightning.

"God!" the narrator intoned. "The being with power unlimited, existing in a state of freedom absolute!
Quite simply, the personification of absolute power."

Pictures of wide-eyed, soot-covered, half-naked gurus and swamis faded across the screen. Some were mumbling, some chanted and made dramatic gestures.

"Throughout the ages, countless mystics and holy men have sought to contact the highest Being through entirely spiritual means.
They succeeded! They have brought back many reports and testaments."

Ancient tomes and scrolls filled wooden planks in a stone-walled library.

"Many tales about the acts of God are recounted therein. All these narratives are to be treated as presumably true by Scientologists, albeit incomplete.
One of the most important such events happened almost two thousand years ago. At that time, a being of unimaginable power was present in what is commonly known as the 'Holy Land'. We could visualize this Being as a metaphorical pillar of fire. It was very closely associated with the 8th Dynamic, if not fully God.
Some changes were made then, and things have never been the same!
The temporary presence of this Being left a great legacy. The purpose of the intervention seems to have been to send less than half the people to Hell."

The screen paused to give him time to allow his mental file clerk to store the information in his analytical mind.
Then he picked up the solo cans and performed the necessary e-meter drill.

"Both before and after these events, God was given many names in human cultures," the narrator continued after his needle floated.

"We also have several names for the Being others call God. Henceforth, our preferred name will be Mavel. We will use Holos for when that is linguistically inappropriate, and Shai-Huruq for translations in more martial cultures.
Our descriptive name for Mavel is The Underestimated. Our descriptive term is the Chronoreductive Imperator. That means Mavel reduces our time."

He didn't recognize the narrator's voice. For a moment he wondered if it was the Founder, back in a new body. Could it be?
Despite his intense concentration, the lecture seemed to split up into many separate fragments:

"We will not speak against the utterances of pastors or preachers from other faiths, with one exception. If a cleric states that someone is rebelling against God/Mavel, then we must always disagree. It is not possible to rebel against a Being this powerful, since nothing anyone can do can affect it in any way."

"Likewise, the communication formulas mandate we can't interrupt an incoming origination until it has been fully received. The only exception is if someone asks if Mavel is powerful enough to . . . we can then interrupt, and say that yes, he is. Even then, abrupt ARC breaks should be avoided."

"Does Mavel have a sense of humor like some reverends have chuckled?
To the extent that humor could be described as the surprising subversion of expectations, one would definitely be correct in saying such a thing.
Someone might pray to get their dream job, but instead they get something else."

"The good news is that if you pray for something you want, and Mavel wants it too, it will happen.
The bad news is that if you don't pray for something you don't want, but Mavel does want it, it will also happen."

"Mavel is not a "nice guy". Anyone who says he is a nice guy will not be punished, but he will not be rewarded either.
We must beware of the wrath of Mavel, so as not to be 'consigned to the flames'."

"Some say that faith alone can save people. Certainly, one may rely on faith and prayer for all one's needs if one so desires.
We offer Scientology to those who for whatever reason wish to do additional things in order to change their conditions, and only to those persons."

"Prayers in Scientology are highly restricted, but the personal right to pray should never be restricted.
If any government decrees that its subjects cannot pray, we will join members of other faiths to protest these restrictions."

"All religions are 'true', but they are not identical.
For example Islam, the faith of some of our strongest allies, comes from the "highest of the high". We, on the other hand, come from the lowest of the low: a ward of gravely injured war veterans suffering alone, utterly incapacitated and without any hope at all. That does sound terrible - but then Source arrived to begin their and our long escape from the most diabolical trap ever set. His own research started by studying the plains Indians, leading to the realization that other ways of existence were possible. From there he moved to Asia, Europe, Africa, the oceans.
There was no other way. To attain total freedom, one must start from nothing."

The words CLASS XIII TECH DATA TO FOLLOW appeared onscreen during the next break.
He sat upright and assumed a serious expression, knowing that unseen cameras recorded his every move.

"Imagine a needle a billion lightyears away on some distant asteroid.
It is not connected to anyone here on earth in any way. All we know is that it exists.
Is the needle pointing left or right?
If you ask enough people which way it is pointing, the average of all their answers will be slightly more correct than false.
This, then, is what we call the Sideforce."

"Then there is the Downforce.
That could be described as excess entropy. Its source is omnimalevolence.
We must overcome one with the other."

"For that reason . . . Operating Thetan Level 9 (OT-9) will have to be a group process.
Your experience at this very moment, as you receive this confidential briefing, is identical to the experience of countless other Scientology parishioners throughout this and other universes.
It is a unique bonding experience, calculated to link your widely separated minds together."

"I can already tell you the outline of the End Phenomenon, but not its nature. That transcends all words and worlds: for the first time ever, your combined thetan viewpoint will behold Mavel in his endless glory."

"This Level will be done in an exterior state."

The room went instantly, absolutely, and irreversibly dark.

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