Tuesday, June 13, 2023

A window into life at the Flag Land Base

From Tony Ortega's Substack:

* https://tonyortega.substack.com/p/a-cry-for-help-disturbing-handwritten

In Clearwater, Florida, someone found a discarded handwritten note on the street that gives us a glimpse into what conditions are like inside Scientology's "spiritual Mecca".
The note was written by an "Outer Org trainee" undergoing expensive courses that will make them qualified to sell expensive Scientology services at their own Scientology Church somewhere on Earth.
From the note it appears they were not feeling too good. It is vanishingly rare to get any information about life in Scientology from the inside, especially at such an important facility. This despite the fact that "Flag" is embedded within a town in Florida.
Most of what happens there happens behind high walls and closed doors.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Bad optics from the Scientology rape trial

Los Angeles, May 31, 2023.
Renowned Scientology celebrity Danny Masterson was just found guilty of having raped two women about twenty years ago. The charges of which he was convicted likely represent only a small portion of the rapes/sexual abuses he committed during his wild years, when he was considered untouchable in the Church.
The "Rat Pack" (which operated in their elite celebrity circuit) had access to many beautiful young females. They were procured and passed around for sexual use among high status Church donors. These pleasures were intended as an incentive and compensation for the massive monetary costs of being a member in good standing.
Reportedly, most abuses occurred in the Church's LA party circuit and at media-related events. Church leader David Miscavige likely put a lid on such excesses in Clearwater, Florida, where the Flag Land Base is located. That's not known as a party town. Any exploitation will have happened behind closed doors in one of the Church spiritual retreat hotels, or in select Tampa/St. Pete clubs and mansions.
You don't rape where you reg.

Is Heber Jentzsch being held at the Flag Land Base?

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