Friday, April 29, 2022

The Flag Land Base is being sued!

Actually, the suit names the Flag Service Org, which owns and controls the Flag Land Base, and other entities that operate as part of the Base and elsewhere as well; namely the International Association of Scientologists money management organization, the Church of Spiritual Technology, the Flag Ship Service Org, and captain David Miscavige himself, who has offices and sumptuous living quarters there:

Famous actor Tom Cruise is named in a case of forcible confinement of one of the plaintiffs:

Prediction: sometime in the early 2030s the suit will be quietly settled for never-to-be disclosed terms. Before then there will be countless hours of legal procedures.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Posthuman Singularity alignment problem

My ongoing novel about the Technological Singularity describes one way the Singularity could happen MUCH sooner than anyone expects (like next week). And not necessarily in a good way.
In technical terms, this is known as an "alignment failure". However, the novel also implies a possible solution to this error mode:

In the story, the Singularity happens not because a super advanced AI makes itself ever smarter (which isn't practical in the near future), but in a more informal manner. The process is triggered by an expanding group of researchers and information networks becoming ever more organized. This organization acts almost like an organism.
By investigating various ways to create an AI to make the Singularity happen, they inadvertently identify all the most dangerous lines of research. This information is then automatically released in the spirit of openness to those networks best able to pursue it.
And that's when the trouble happens all at once, too fast to respond in any meaningful way.

Which brings us to the big reverse implication:
The only way to control the Technological Singularity would be to have it brought about by a large network composed of the greatest possible number of members. All or at least most of their skills would be needed.
This would also have the advantage that it could be brought about slightly sooner, rather than having to wait until we could build or evolve a superhuman AI.


Thursday, April 7, 2022

Flag Land Base items

How the OT Levels (currently delivered by the Flag Service Org and elsewhere) came into existence is a fascinating story:
The "OT Drug Rundown" became NEW OT IV, "Audited NOTs" became NEW OT V, "Solo NOTs" became NEW OT VI, "SOLO NOTs Auditing" became NEW OT VII.
The original OT Levels, called "ORIGINAL OT", were to be done after today's familiar New OT levels were completed. Foreign students were still doing the original OT Levels IV-VII at the Flag Land Base in 1984.
This gives us some clues about what we can expect (again) once OT IX and OT X are released by David Miscavige in the future.

Clearwater disambiguation:
"The Oaks" of Clearwater is a 15-story privately owned retirement complex. The nearby 13-story "Oak Cove", one block from the Fort Harrison, is a Scientology hotel at the Flag Land Base.

Some Flag facilities in downtown Clearwater include:
Way To Happiness, Volunteer Ministers, Drug Free World, Citizen's Commission on Human Rights (with Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum), Literacy Campaigns, Scientology Information Center, ... also West Coast Building, Lee Arnold Building, Sandcastle Hotel, Osceola hotel, and the adjoining Coachman Park, ... and other things we don't really know about. A lot more in fact.

Posthuman dreams

The ultimate goal of Mind Backup and mind uploading research is simple to state: It is to find a way to give us unlimited time to do everything we would ever want.
Whenever a challenge or a problem arises, a "sideways dimension" would open up to generate enough time to solve the problem before continuing. This sideways dimension would be virtual, merely a way to pause the realistic VR simulation our minds will inhabit in the digital future.

Future digital minds will only be able to experience a limited number of mental states (all of them good of course). The human terminal goal, our purpose of existence, would be to achieve some ultimate stable state, like an ideal VR dream. Basically an endless moment simulation.

Artificial Intelligence would require the development of something like "retcon technology". You could call awareness itself a false memory.
That means a mind could be created with memories of already having experienced everything of any meaning whatsoever. Eternity would be the ultimate false memory. The sum of everything would contain no information unless it's biased to reflect a certain set of values. Calculating this result might literally take forever.


Friday, April 1, 2022

Life at the Flag Land Base today

Very little information leaks out about conditions within Scientology's Sea Org-manned "Flag Service Org" and other facilities in downtown Clearwater, Florida. Visitors are strictly forbidden, and outsiders are discouraged from even walking past. Large real estate purchases by IAS members have left parts of the town semi-deserted.
Apparently the Sea Orgers working there are being vaccinated on the down-low. It's the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

Some recent short articles:

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