Thursday, April 7, 2022

Posthuman dreams

The ultimate goal of Mind Backup and mind uploading research is simple to state: It is to find a way to give us unlimited time to do everything we would ever want.
Whenever a challenge or a problem arises, a "sideways dimension" would open up to generate enough time to solve the problem before continuing. This sideways dimension would be virtual, merely a way to pause the realistic VR simulation our minds will inhabit in the digital future.

Future digital minds will only be able to experience a limited number of mental states (all of them good of course). The human terminal goal, our purpose of existence, would be to achieve some ultimate stable state, like an ideal VR dream. Basically an endless moment simulation.

Artificial Intelligence would require the development of something like "retcon technology". You could call awareness itself a false memory.
That means a mind could be created with memories of already having experienced everything of any meaning whatsoever. Eternity would be the ultimate false memory. The sum of everything would contain no information unless it's biased to reflect a certain set of values. Calculating this result might literally take forever.


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