Friday, November 12, 2021

If everyone was like me society would have VERY different preferences and priorities

In that case, euthanasia would be fully legal (I'm not talking about R2-45 here).
However, society would also pay for everyone who died to have their heads frozen in liquid nitrogen. Everyone would want to have their brains preserved this way.
What would happen next depends on how fast technology evolves.
After a few decades, they might start launching frozen heads on Falcon rockets to deep storage facilities several kilometers under the frozen surface of the ice planetoid Sedna. On a typical transfer orbit, it would take close to a century to get there.
There the frozen heads could easily be stored for many more centuries. No need to worry about them thawing out. By storing them deep underground, the frozen neurons would also be protected from cosmic rays.
After a few centuries of technological advancement, the frozen brains would be scanned by super-advanced technology to reconstruct their personalities and memories. The dead would then be brought back as human-level software. The ultimate happy ending, it seems.

If we're lucky, something like the Singularity will happen long before then, and human mind backup and mind uploading will become possible without having to die first. That depends on whether the current trends favoring human stupidity can be reversed. I'm still waiting for the first sign of hope.

This is also related to the novel "Heads" by Greg Bear. Set in the future, the frozen head of L. Ron Hubbard is found to be stored in a cryonics facility on the moon. Future Scientologists then commit various felonies to cover up this fact. After all, Hubbard was supposed to believe the human spirit or thetan was immortal. If he had his brain frozen, it would prove he didn't really believe his own religion.
Needless to say Bear didn't dare use Scientology and Hubbard's real names in this story, but replaced them with stand-ins.

Incidentally, the Flag Land Base could be converted into an "Ideal" cryonics facility, with the Flag Building as its dramatic centerpiece.
No idea what will actually happen to the Clearwater complex in the decades to come, but that would be a much better outcome than the whole place just being liquidated without a plan.

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