Friday, June 4, 2021

New! Very short science fiction stories:

Quantum immortality:
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The reason:
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The nature of science

Science is a highly specific human construct.
It deals with those areas of nature where it is possible to make very slow progress, in tiny steps, over vast amounts of time.
A great deal of work for a small result, which will have big implications.
If you happen to be interested in the nature of human awareness or preferences or communication, no such progress is possible.
Those fields will require a huge mental leap before any improvement in understanding could begin.
So many strange insights from missing fundamentals. Most of them would be simple but make no sense at first. If I could have known what I know now in 1986, I would have been the smartest person on Earth then. If only I could get a message from 2056 . . .
I've waited my whole life for such a mental leap. It may never happen. Of course Scientologists say that's exactly what Hubbard did, but you have to exactly follow his endless instructions for many years before you begin to feel it.


In the 1980s, I invented an SF story plot idea about various countries and groups creating their own digital currencies.
These were fiat currencies, in the sense that the issuer could always create more virtual currency units. Each unit was its own self-actualizing computer program.
Some of these made-up currencies would explode in value as they became popular in the world economy.
Real-life crypto currencies are much better than this, since the number of currency units that can be created is limited. But they are also absurdly wasteful, not to mention unfair to late adopters.

BLM activists and their government/media supporters are strongly opposed to the police. They want them defunded or maybe even abolished. People's commissars would maintain the peace and enforce the Will of the People as relayed by the Party vanguard instead.
Well I'm against the police too, but for quite different reasons.
In practical terms, the police are the ones who make it impossible for those who need it to get euthanasia.

Reality is fantastically, incredibly, unbearably horrible

The biggest (and only) problem in reality is the problem of pain, or more specifically torture.
This could be described as the problem of involuntary or forced existence.
The practical solution of suicide is blocked by the powers that be. Scientology also tries to prevent suicide on its facilities, especially at the Flag Land Base, by immediately expelling those deemed at risk of doing it.

The ultimate solution to the problem of suffering may not exist.
I can think of only two general solutions, and the choice between them is what I have called the greatest mystery (that humans could still understand). The two possibilities: to give up pleasure, or to maximize pleasure.
What if the first is correct?
Seems like minds couldn't function without pleasure. They could still be allowed to feel pain in short bursts. Self-motivation through limited pain might work over sufficient time. The rest of their existence would be neutral. Giving up pleasure seems horrific, but the pain of that loss could be blocked.

This could affect Mind Backup research, and even speed it up. For now, Mind Backup can only be based on lists of memories and facts, instead of mental perception methods that we don't understand at all.
A flawed (i.e incomplete) mind backup could be better than a real one, if it leaves all the emotional parts behind. Emotions may be an intrinsic horror.
Any Mind Backup that becomes complex enough to achieve awareness may be more like Mr. Spock than yourself, but fully believe itself to be your Closest Continuer.
Only abstract viewpoints remain, but will be realized in full.

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