Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Trouble at the Flag Land Base

A guy on a "cult tour" made the mistake of shining a laser pointer at some of the hundreds of FSO security cameras that are monitoring all of downtown Clearwater.
He was quickly arrested, and is now trying to raise funds for his legal defense. (
Reportedly the downtown area was very quiet that day, with few staff members out and about. But they were watching.
If the cult tours continue, Miscavige may even try something; some kind of staged demonstration at a time and place of his choosing. They are great at group operations.
During the LA riots of 1992 (history described here), Sea Org and Day/Foundation crews at the "other Flag Land Base" (the Advanced Org known as Pacific Area Command or PAC) formed a human cordon around their most valuable properties to discourage looting.
If there is a civil breakdown in the USA, Scientology may begin to thrive again in its own way.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Today at the Flag Land Base

A major event is scheduled for today, as a group of Scientology fans will conduct a self-guided walking inspection of Scientology's Mecca, a.k.a. downtown Clearwater, home of the Flag Service Organization ( or this site).
We recently learned that the head of Scientology (and of the Sea Org), Captain David Miscavige himself, has relocated to the Flag Land Base and is making occasional appearances there!
That makes sense. The FLB is now the largest concentration of Scientologists on the planet, ahead of the Pacific Area Command base in LA, the top secret "Int" base near Hemet CA, and Saint Hill base in England.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Life after death (Part 3)

We live in a perfectly consistent universe. Reality appears to be infinitely stable.
It seems our minds are anthropically anchored by reality, which prevents anything weird from ever happening. Not once in all of history has there been a miracle of any sort whatsoever. Only delusions and illusions.
But why should anthropic anchoring continue to work when our consciousness becomes degraded, like in dreams, or for that matter any moment you're not paying perfect attention? Such non-rigorous perceptions are by definition outside science.
In that case, dreams might be a "gateway" to the infinitely vast universe of possible perceptions, of which our rational waking reality is but a tiny subset.
Things could get very strange. When you fall asleep at an unusual place you are more likely to dream about that place. Also, the dream is more likely to be unusual, like that one time I fell asleep at a party, then dreamt the place had turned impossibly into an empty house. In fact I still haven't woken up . . .
When your consciousness degrades as you die, it might come to resemble and "merge" with deeply strange patterns in the universe of possible perceptions. Even if death comes suddenly, this mental universe contains an infinite number of "closest continuers" - patterns of possible minds that get to experience a miraculous escape (quantum immortality) or even a resurrection or an actual afterlife.
Of course, almost all possible continuers are completely absurd and unstable.

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