Friday, June 4, 2021

The nature of science

Science is a highly specific human construct.
It deals with those areas of nature where it is possible to make very slow progress, in tiny steps, over vast amounts of time.
A great deal of work for a small result, which will have big implications.
If you happen to be interested in the nature of human awareness or preferences or communication, no such progress is possible.
Those fields will require a huge mental leap before any improvement in understanding could begin.
So many strange insights from missing fundamentals. Most of them would be simple but make no sense at first. If I could have known what I know now in 1986, I would have been the smartest person on Earth then. If only I could get a message from 2056 . . .
I've waited my whole life for such a mental leap. It may never happen. Of course Scientologists say that's exactly what Hubbard did, but you have to exactly follow his endless instructions for many years before you begin to feel it.

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