Monday, October 21, 2019

A major investigative news report about the Flag Land Base area

The Tampa Bay Times has published another important article about the emerging core area of Scientology: the greater Flag Land Base area in and around downtown Clearwater, Florida.
The article is a sequel to the "Truth Rundown" from 2009.

What's happening there could be described as a slow-motion "takeover" of Clearwater
The plan seems to be to buy businesses in Clearwater and leave them empty (some could also be turned into tax-free Scientology facilities).
This will make the area less attractive for the non-Scientology businesses nearby.
When the adjoining businesses or their owners go bankrupt, Scientology buyers can then acquire their properties for pennies on the dollar.

After a while this process will feed on itself, an accelerating chain reaction in Scientology's favor.
There's the added benefit of reducing Clearwater's tax base, weakening the local politicians.
But what do they need all these vacant properties for? Clearly, Scientology has big plans for the Flag Land Base area

The article:

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