Thursday, February 18, 2021

Fun with Scientism; or evolution is stranger than you think

Superpowers are relative:
If an ordinary individual was transported from our universe to the Marvel or DC Universe, they might have a superpower upon arrival there.
Without being changed in any way, they would have the superpower of genre transcendence. They would be more likely to be free of the infuriating conformity and stupidity of these fictional cinematic and comic book universes.

There is no good reason for pain:
Pain is random, absurd, and unnecessary. That doesn't prevent there being an infinite amount of it. I call this pessimistic view of reality the Tortureverse.
Some say that pain is a powerful evolutionary tool, that is said to "serve a purpose" by "protecting" an organism from placing itself in dangerous situations.
This view is also false.
In an infinite and endless universe, it would be perfectly possible to achieve the same results without pain. There would only be gradients of more or less pleasure. This would work slower than gradients of pain and pleasure, but that doesn't matter in an infinite universe.
Pain is a purely parasitical process, an existentially useless curse.

Evolution selects against evolution:
Maintaining existing genes must be as important as evolving new genes.
This prevents better systems from evolving as fast as they should. Anthropically speaking, that may be why we are at the very bottom of an infinitely complex omniverse.

Waiting for the first true sign of progress:
That would be a way for almost anyone to make money, except for people who should be locked up anyway. Right now we're heading in the opposite direction.
Imagine software that actually helps you, instead of helping you make things more complicated.

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  1. The amount of pain in the omniverse is difficult to calculate:
    The world is full of evil people because a minority have many offspring, while a majority of cucks support them.


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