Sunday, April 11, 2021

What does it mean to say the world is evil?

It means the world is full of deliberately evil people. It's a human group problem. Evil starts not as sadism (that comes later), but as conformity. The problem of evil is denied by the masses, especially its biggest victims.
For me, the problem is best illustrated by the people at Microsoft, Firefox, Canon . . . The face of Satan is the face of a computer programmer. Others might say it's the face of the average ("theetie-weetie?") Redditor or "tech support" goon. Evil is the invincible power of stupidity. Or maybe it's the face of a bureaucrat or other type of mugger.
I've had people tell me Hubbard was one of the most evil people ever. Personally I think that title should go to Bill Gates, not for what he did, but for what he did so malevolently. I've been cursing that shitman for over twenty years. Not for any grand conspiracy theories, but for the personal tortures inflicted by that devil's deliberately defective software.
Evil feeds not on hate but infinite indifference. The solution to evil is not love, but simplicity. And nothing is more "difficult" than simplicity.
The deep truth about Scientology is the truth of the world, and Scientology is an almost ideal model of how the world works.
The masses make the rules, and evil is pure mass consensus.


  1. As the most alienated individual I can confirm that nothing in the world is less important than the fact that I disagree with it.

  2. And now that Gates guy is getting divorced ... Their mansion is so big he could have hidden a whole other family there lol

  3. I ALSO HATE THAT STINKING PEICE OF CRAP BIL GATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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