Friday, February 11, 2022

Bad smurfs: deliberate dysfunctionalities of the Firefox browser

OK, first question: can I use the word "shit" on this blog? Google has a habit of shutting down websites and destroying their data for the most trivial of reasons, or no reason at all. But this post is not about the Google monopoly. That's a different story.
Some of the most evil people in the world are the people at Mozilla. In so many ways they make it so their browser software won't work even though it COULD work.
I have long called the folks who practice the deliberate degrading of software the "Cripplers". In Firefox, satanic shitcode is constantly running in the background, using up your PC cyles for mostly evil purposes.
Today I'll mention how random webpages won't load at all. Their corporate masters say they shouldn't load for reasons we are not supposed to know. Probably because the content isn't being commercialized properly (also censorship).
The first part of the crippling is how Firefox disabled the little X in the LEFT part of the browser window that's supposed to stop the page loading process that will eventually cripple the page loading. But it can't be stopped. The satancode MUST load.
The world is evil to the maximum extent it can get away with. The people at Firefox give us a small demonstration of absolute evil (I won't even start about the browser's tracking functions that allow websites to identify unique users even if they have "cookies" disabled).


  1. Are you sure they're not affiliated with ScienoSitter software?



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