Saturday, January 7, 2023

Is David Miscavige at the Flag Land Base?

Captain Miscavige is currently believed to be staying at one of his residences at the secure Hacienda Gardens "apartment complex" in Clearwater Fl.
He has a large and very private luxury apartment there, one of many luxury residences kept for him countrywide. He also has an apartment in the Flag Building itself.
However, only a few dozen yards away, hundreds of Sea Orgers are tightly packed together in small rooms filled with bunk beds. They spend a rather large percentage of their waking time there in line at the bathroom.
The entire compound is tightly guarded and controlled by Sea Org security. It is quite inaccessible to process servers or reporters.
Just a few days ago, captain Miscavige left that facility to drive or be driven to the Fort Harrison hotel, where he gave a secret speech to Scientologists announcing the goals for 2023.

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