Thursday, May 4, 2023

The Flag Land Base will be expanding northward!

A secret project has been initiated as part of a larger operation to take over selected strategic areas in and around Clearwater, Florida:


Original news report from Tampa Bay Times:

Officially, it's going to be a residential complex. But it could easily be changed into a secure compound for OT-level Scientology services. These were previously delivered at the "Sandcastle", and also the Flag Building and adjacent Fort Harrison Hotel.

Clearly, David Miscavige is worried about tourists walking around outside the high-level service orgs. I don't think he's afraid they will shout "Xenu", as these buildings are already soundproofed.
But for Scientology to work, there has to be an "elite" and even otherworldly atmosphere. Common riffraff walking around would ruin that.
Until recently, the emptied streets of Clearwater made it seem like the FSO had excellent "area control". As if they could manipulate a whole town in a "Fabian" way like L. Ron Hubbard ordered.

The large number of properties that members were made to purchase (and then leave empty) also helped. Especially since many of these empty properties will receive tax exemption, causing higher taxes for non-Church locals, and a resulting chain reaction of more empty properties.

But now there is a major downtown revitalization effort underway. So the Flag Land Base is looking to install new fences and barriers, and moving into "gated' areas.
On a related note, expect them to pay to have legislation passed that would outlow drones.

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  1. Someone should make a documentary about only the Flag Land Base and its area, there would be a lot of interest in that, particularly here in the greater Tampa area.


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