Saturday, February 3, 2024

De-disconnection as a revenue source at the Flag Land Base

Scientology celebrity Elisabeth Moss had disconnected from her father some time before he died (this was apparently covered up by the mainstream media organ "The New Yorker").
The recent media cycle of Elisabeth Moss's pregnancy appears to be a successful operation to draw away attention from this story.
Scientology often requires its members to disconnect from their relatives after the Scientologist has joined the sect, but they strongly discourage mainstream media organs from reporting on this fact. Politicians are also paid to support Scientology in their social management operations, like we recently saw in East Grinstead, UK, with mayor Frazer Visser working to cover up various forms of human trafficking around the Saint Hill base area.
When Scientology celebrity Elisabeth Moss's father died, he was at the Flag Land Base, paying them to be permitted to re-establish contact with his disconnected family. Apparently he was NOT making much progress in getting that permission, despite all he was paying them.
While mayor Frazer Visser supports Scientology at the Saint Hill base, there are new mayoral elections coming up in Clearwater on March 19, 2024. This could greatly affect conditions around the Flag Land Base.

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