Thursday, October 15, 2020

Life after death (Part 1)

Could human consciousness continue if the human brain is obliterated?
According to L. Ron Hubbard, the brain is not that important for consciousness. It's a pretty arbitrary lump of tissue.
Scientists on the other hand, believe that human consciousness IS the precise state of the brain at each moment.

Could they both be right? For example, could the same human consciousness be recreated in another object if the human brain dies?
IF human consciousness can somehow survive death, there's no reason this process shouldn't follow the Principle of Mediocrity.
That means that even IF something unusual happens, it should happen in the least unusual way possible. That is the easiest (and therefore most likely) way a supremely unlikely event can occur.

So what does this imply for life after death? When we die, what can we expect to happen?
Out of an unlimited number of possibilities, the least unlikely outcome is that we would "wake up" in the near future, in a parallel but similar universe, in a still understandable situation.
After you die, you could expect to be recreated as a fully aware experimental computer simulation, in a future version of earth, that appears to be consistent with all your memories.

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