Sunday, December 13, 2020

Life after death (Part 2)

L. Ron Hubbard wrote and talked extensively about thousands of previous lifetimes as if they actually happened, and as if we all experienced them.
He didn't explain the basis of his metaphysical philosophy. The closest he came was the concept of a "static".
This leads to a rather strange notion.
Bear with me here: whatever happens after we die, might also happen while we are still alive (assuming that anything can happen after we die).
This mysterious phenomena, the continuation of our thoughts and perceptions under radically changed circumstances, is far less likely to happen while we're still alive - but it shouldn't be impossible.
While alive, our mind patterns are anthropically anchored in a much larger universe or multiverse, of which they form a tiny part.
That means things can't suddenly get extremely weird. Or at least it's vanishingly unlikely for such weirdness to appear.
But once we die, that protection disappears.

1 comment:

  1. When it comes to weirdness, an infinite number of weird changes could be imagined. Most such anomalies would seem random and chaotic.
    In fact such weirdness could be expected to rapidly destroy us.


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