Friday, December 25, 2020

The purpose of this blog

This blog is about attempts to bring science fiction to life in actual reality.
One of the best examples I know of is the Flag Land Base.
There are others, like the reality distortion that occurs inside any sufficiently totalitarian society (those you can't visit quite as easily as Clearwater, FL.).

My personal definition of science fiction is a type of story that is presented like something that could really happen - but the story creator does not believe it will really happen. They understand it's fictional exaggeration.
That means the author accepts a degree of unreality in the story, which may be taken from other genres (farce-like, horror, comedy).

That is also why Michael Crichton was not a science fiction writer.
He always presented his well-written but unlikely stories as if they could really happen. That was part of the secret of his success. And of the Flag land Base.

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