Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Progress is unnatural!

The hidden themes of SF novel series like Ringworld (Larry Niven) and the Foundation series (Isaac Asimov) is how invincibly STUPID everything is. Society is controlled by a dumb consensus, the evil power of brutes. This is presented as both natural and inevitable. Most folks don't even notice.
A great truth is that things are deliberately bad because the majority wants them to be so. Sometimes, I can't get over how bad they want things to be.
Times when everything goes wrong through the deliberate evil of interface torture. System designers spending vastly more on making things NOT work in ways that are profitable for them.
Remove 99% of those people, and things would at least get simpler, and plausibly less bad. That's also what Hubbard said about "removing" folks who are low on the "Tone Scale"...
My best guess is the REAL solution would be to find a way to increase human intelligence. Of course intelligence can't really be increased. It would have to be a virtual process, perhaps involving digital assistants in our daily lives.
And THAT is why i dislike superhero movies so much. In fact I've come to almost despise them, despite their awesome special effects. It's the curse of the genre trap.
With all the crap going on in the world, we see these heroes practicing effortless magic to solve problems with dumb strength. Meanwhile, the real world does not get one whit less evil, and the real issues become LESS open to discussion.

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