Thursday, August 5, 2021

This is a religious blog

It's about the religion of digital "immortality", to be accomplished by digitally scanning and backing up as much of your mind as possible.
In the future, long after you have died of natural causes or otherwise, this data will be used to create an AI "copy" of your mind, and bring you back to life in a VR environment of your choice. This is your only hope. The alternative is the oblivion of eternal chaos, perhaps momentary flashes of confusion as some form of Boltzmann Brain.

This is slightly distinct from the religion of Scientology.
Hubbard didn't want to make the formidable efforts needed to invent mind backup technology. In fact, such a notion never occurred to him.
He simply promised that immortality had ALREADY been achieved in a way that no one could verify. That way he could divert his followers' attention in more profitable directions (like an extended stay at the Fort Harrison hotel at the Flag Land Base). A very clever solution!

However, the problem of death is unbearable. It's insane that more research isn't being done. Death affects literally everyone, but the public response is to avoid thinking about it.
The promise of future science is not enough. We need the equivalent of a new religion to change things.
That means that something like Scientology actually NEEDS to exist, only scientific instead of anti-scientific. Scientology as it exists is actually Antiscientology.

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