Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Clearwater and the future (links)

* A science fiction story about a low resolution human mind scan method.
No technical details on how it works.

* A podcast with Mat Pesch, who knows a lot about how the Flag Land Base is financed. He used to work there.

* And some analysis about Flag Land Base tax returns.

* Idea: Everyone is trying to make money form crypto. Could there be a way to securely store your MEMORIES longterm on the blockchain? No, probably not
You could call awareness an anthropically encrypted anchor lock defining your position in the blockchain of reality. That's a great way to get sent home from your nearest Advanced Org.

* Synthwave (music) | Track 1 | Track 2
It's like I died a hundred times already. All those lost life settings are barely recalled at random moments, entire lost worlds and lifetimes.
Pseudonostalgic memories feel like actual glimmers of a lost future.

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