Saturday, October 16, 2021

How to start a Mind Backup business?

Would a corporation that set out to solve the problem of death be able to get startup funding?
I would hope so. After all, few people want to die. The number of businesses trying to solve death is far lower still. It should be at least as successful as the services that are currently being sold at the Flag Land Base.
The first step should be the simplest: a franchise opportunity to scan and organize everyone's old documents and data.
From personal experience, I know that can take years to accomplish. The process could be automated to a large degree. Just have them pick up all your old papers and disks to convert.

The ultimate goal would be to invent better mind scanning tests. The tests would use something better than deep learning to interact with someone and learn all about their personality.
This is where it gets interesting. It's what the Back Up Your Mind blog is all about.
A prospective Mind Backup business would need some original testing ideas to impress investors. But how could a client convey what it feels like to be themselves in such a way that they could be copied?
The best solution could be to have the subject slowly create a "Sim-like" software-self that would also help them in their daily lives.

Eventually, mind scanning tests may combine with cryonics and destructive brain scans to achieve actual mind uploading.
The most meaningful goal would be to become securely "immortal" within your own life. An endless continuation of an ideal version of your current or past life. This could include false memories of an infinite past, made of recurring time-loops.


  1. Wild speculations!

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