Monday, December 20, 2021

An idea for the best possible Mind Backup shortcut

Perhaps memory data extraction tests should first try to record all of a subject's secrets.
Suppose you wanted to reconstruct the mind of someone you knew. To feel authentic to itself, that reconstruction would need to know all the things they would never reveal or talk about to others.
Maybe these secrets aren't needed to act authentic enough to seem real to others (at least for a while), but secret hang-ups determine personal interests and motivation.
Otherwise, a Mind Backup is really a simulacrum of someone's memories of a dead person, not of the person's own memories. These memories definitely include all their traumas. They may be the reason people's reactions can never be fully predicted.

In an interesting aside, Scientology is also very interested in the deep dark secrets of its parishioners. It keeps these secrets for them to form an ever tightening bond.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Why Star Trek has become obscene

I used to be a big Trek fan, or at least of some of the franchise elements.
Mostly the feeling of fantastically advanced technology really existing. Specifically, the incredibly cool starships and high-level interactions with aliens. I never cared about the characters' personal issues, more the settings they inhabited and all the implied stuff in the background.
Unfortunately, Star Trek has become almost totally irrelevant and obsolete.
The reason is not the quality of the basic storylines or the acting or the special effects. The problem is the Big Picture - or rather the total lack of it. There has not been the slightest progress since the 1990s.

The series concept as written by Gene Roddenberry almost sixty years ago was original. The new series forbids any analysis or deeper exploration of the setting or background.
They should have looked into what is really going on; instead, they just exploit the franchise to extract maximum value (kind of like how Miscavige exploits Scientology without making up new stuff).
That's too bad. There are so many basic questions and apparent goofs that could be flipped into deeper storylines.

I already gave a clever reason why the Trek aliens look like humans: warp drive only allows faster than light travel to distant areas that are ontologically similar.
This also means the aliens don't really live in our galaxy at all! Each alien species lives around a different star, in a different version of the milky way where they are the only intelligent life that evolved. Because of the warp effect, they can act like they all live in the same galaxy.

And why was there no Singularity in Star Trek?
But there was! Only instead of moving into a higher dimension, it expanded INWARDS.
All the subatomic particles in each solar system were converted into a type of computronium years ago, without changing their relative interconnections. These particles are still controlled by their original creators.
Only the top level remains humanoid. This provides the seemingly supernatural intelligence needed for transporters to work, the universal translator, and more important, behind the scenes mission planning and management.
Otherwise it would be statistically impossible to survive as many perilous missions as the various casts always manage to do.

After half a century, I would have expected more intelligent storylines like that. We NEED to find ways to increase intelligence, or at least to simulate it like the Flynn Effect; but things just aren't improving.
Star Trek and other scifi is about simple feelings, not deep thought.

Friday, November 12, 2021

If everyone was like me society would have VERY different preferences and priorities

In that case, euthanasia would be fully legal (I'm not talking about R2-45 here).
However, society would also pay for everyone who died to have their heads frozen in liquid nitrogen. Everyone would want to have their brains preserved this way.
What would happen next depends on how fast technology evolves.
After a few decades, they might start launching frozen heads on Falcon rockets to deep storage facilities several kilometers under the frozen surface of the ice planetoid Sedna. On a typical transfer orbit, it would take close to a century to get there.
There the frozen heads could easily be stored for many more centuries. No need to worry about them thawing out. By storing them deep underground, the frozen neurons would also be protected from cosmic rays.
After a few centuries of technological advancement, the frozen brains would be scanned by super-advanced technology to reconstruct their personalities and memories. The dead would then be brought back as human-level software. The ultimate happy ending, it seems.

If we're lucky, something like the Singularity will happen long before then, and human mind backup and mind uploading will become possible without having to die first. That depends on whether the current trends favoring human stupidity can be reversed. I'm still waiting for the first sign of hope.

This is also related to the novel "Heads" by Greg Bear. Set in the future, the frozen head of L. Ron Hubbard is found to be stored in a cryonics facility on the moon. Future Scientologists then commit various felonies to cover up this fact. After all, Hubbard was supposed to believe the human spirit or thetan was immortal. If he had his brain frozen, it would prove he didn't really believe his own religion.
Needless to say Bear didn't dare use Scientology and Hubbard's real names in this story, but replaced them with stand-ins.

Incidentally, the Flag Land Base could be converted into an "Ideal" cryonics facility, with the Flag Building as its dramatic centerpiece.
No idea what will actually happen to the Clearwater complex in the decades to come, but that would be a much better outcome than the whole place just being liquidated without a plan.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

The story of my life

It usually goes a little something like this:
There is a problem. I have managed to narrow the problem down to two choices.
One of the choices is very bad. The other is worse.
The problem is I never know which is which.

The problem of inflation:
At the moment, the government is "stealing" my life savings (by conjuring up fiat specie) faster than I can earn new money.
This creates an incentive for me to spend my money before it loses even more value. The constant loss in value is enough for me to live on.
I would have to be crazy to work more hours at my job. I would effectively be paying them to work there.
Of course none of this applies if you happen to be "employed" at the Flag Land Base.

Does mankind have a future in space?
No one mentions that in less than a century there probably won't be humans - one way or the other.
The future will be posthuman, or the oblivion of total extinction. If there are "people" at all, they will be realistic digital simulations. Hopefully, they will exist in some type of paradise setting. If that happens there isn't even any need for further progress.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

How to start a Mind Backup business?

Would a corporation that set out to solve the problem of death be able to get startup funding?
I would hope so. After all, few people want to die. The number of businesses trying to solve death is far lower still. It should be at least as successful as the services that are currently being sold at the Flag Land Base.
The first step should be the simplest: a franchise opportunity to scan and organize everyone's old documents and data.
From personal experience, I know that can take years to accomplish. The process could be automated to a large degree. Just have them pick up all your old papers and disks to convert.

The ultimate goal would be to invent better mind scanning tests. The tests would use something better than deep learning to interact with someone and learn all about their personality.
This is where it gets interesting. It's what the Back Up Your Mind blog is all about.
A prospective Mind Backup business would need some original testing ideas to impress investors. But how could a client convey what it feels like to be themselves in such a way that they could be copied?
The best solution could be to have the subject slowly create a "Sim-like" software-self that would also help them in their daily lives.

Eventually, mind scanning tests may combine with cryonics and destructive brain scans to achieve actual mind uploading.
The most meaningful goal would be to become securely "immortal" within your own life. An endless continuation of an ideal version of your current or past life. This could include false memories of an infinite past, made of recurring time-loops.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Clearwater and the future (links)

* A science fiction story about a low resolution human mind scan method.
No technical details on how it works.

* A podcast with Mat Pesch, who knows a lot about how the Flag Land Base is financed. He used to work there.

* And some analysis about Flag Land Base tax returns.

* Idea: Everyone is trying to make money form crypto. Could there be a way to securely store your MEMORIES longterm on the blockchain? No, probably not
You could call awareness an anthropically encrypted anchor lock defining your position in the blockchain of reality. That's a great way to get sent home from your nearest Advanced Org.

* Synthwave (music) | Track 1 | Track 2
It's like I died a hundred times already. All those lost life settings are barely recalled at random moments, entire lost worlds and lifetimes.
Pseudonostalgic memories feel like actual glimmers of a lost future.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Why the news has been getting more and more boring

The reason is simple: ultimately, it all comes down to the easy availability of birth control.

Let's look at the truth, if we dare: Reality is bad. It's really bad. Unbelievably bad even.
The general outline of human history is horrific beyond comprehension.
Everything is so fantastically bad I can't understand why things go on - and yet they do. It appears that most folks congenitally accept any evil that is sufficiently powerful.

In the past, I've also written a lot about the baffling unwillingness of historians to mention overpopulation as the real cause of historic atrocities from Rwanda to human sacrifice.
Denial makes the world go round. L. Ron Hubbard called it "lack of confront" (this is also why the area around the Flag Land Base has so long been known as a "dead zone").

However, I believe that at a subconscious level, people DO know that things suck. They don't like to admit it because it's actually a form of fear. Non-existence is safe, while the potential downside of awareness could be infinite.
But now it's finally possible to "opt out" from the torture of human existence to some extent. Birth control shifts the "cost" (or benefit) of this radical solution to the next generation.
This is the deep cause of the falling birth rate - something which has never happened before in history or prehistory.

Singularity Soon

Thursday, August 5, 2021

This is a religious blog

It's about the religion of digital "immortality", to be accomplished by digitally scanning and backing up as much of your mind as possible.
In the future, long after you have died of natural causes or otherwise, this data will be used to create an AI "copy" of your mind, and bring you back to life in a VR environment of your choice. This is your only hope. The alternative is the oblivion of eternal chaos, perhaps momentary flashes of confusion as some form of Boltzmann Brain.

This is slightly distinct from the religion of Scientology.
Hubbard didn't want to make the formidable efforts needed to invent mind backup technology. In fact, such a notion never occurred to him.
He simply promised that immortality had ALREADY been achieved in a way that no one could verify. That way he could divert his followers' attention in more profitable directions (like an extended stay at the Fort Harrison hotel at the Flag Land Base). A very clever solution!

However, the problem of death is unbearable. It's insane that more research isn't being done. Death affects literally everyone, but the public response is to avoid thinking about it.
The promise of future science is not enough. We need the equivalent of a new religion to change things.
That means that something like Scientology actually NEEDS to exist, only scientific instead of anti-scientific. Scientology as it exists is actually Antiscientology.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Progress is unnatural!

The hidden themes of SF novel series like Ringworld (Larry Niven) and the Foundation series (Isaac Asimov) is how invincibly STUPID everything is. Society is controlled by a dumb consensus, the evil power of brutes. This is presented as both natural and inevitable. Most folks don't even notice.
A great truth is that things are deliberately bad because the majority wants them to be so. Sometimes, I can't get over how bad they want things to be.
Times when everything goes wrong through the deliberate evil of interface torture. System designers spending vastly more on making things NOT work in ways that are profitable for them.
Remove 99% of those people, and things would at least get simpler, and plausibly less bad. That's also what Hubbard said about "removing" folks who are low on the "Tone Scale"...
My best guess is the REAL solution would be to find a way to increase human intelligence. Of course intelligence can't really be increased. It would have to be a virtual process, perhaps involving digital assistants in our daily lives.
And THAT is why i dislike superhero movies so much. In fact I've come to almost despise them, despite their awesome special effects. It's the curse of the genre trap.
With all the crap going on in the world, we see these heroes practicing effortless magic to solve problems with dumb strength. Meanwhile, the real world does not get one whit less evil, and the real issues become LESS open to discussion.

One of my books is being resold on Amazon!

Rather you buy it here though:

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Solving the Problem of Death: how to begin?

I believe Scientology blogs should occasionally discuss the (im?)possibility of human minds surviving beyond their present lifetimes. After all, that is half of what Scientology is about, and its main promise to its members. Hubbard sought to suppress the fear of death right from the outset, to get his followers to focus on other things and carry out his goals.
Unfortunately, death can't be defeated through spiritual or religious means, because these things aren't real. (Unless you believe they are real, but either way we get no data.)
That's also why mind "technology" groups like Scientology (and communism) are so ruthless. Because the subject is generally made up, it's not "self executing", but has to be brutally enforced to maintain participation.
Which brings us to the "scientific" or "technological" subject of Mind Backup technology - which also doesn't exist, but perhaps it might someday. A precursor to workable cryonics, it's the deeper subject this blog has always been about.
Certainly there should be more research. Or any research, really.
Over the years, we have discussed ways some of our memories and mental patterns could be "extracted" from our brains for future safekeeping. A long running theme is that a partial mind backup is better than no mind backup.
All it would take is sufficiently advanced technology. Here is a list of services you WON'T find at the Flag Land Base:

* Make a long list of all your best memories. These could be life events or settings.

* The average person has lived maybe a dozen lifetimes, where they lived at different places or in different ways. Each of these distinct life settings should be reconstructed separately.

* "Branching tree" or random walk methods to record many diversely linked memories in a hurry. "Synthetic dream" methods would record ongoing elaborations of imaginary settings or even false memories to measure personality patterns.

* Create a "personal encyclopedia" containing everything that can be recorded in one long volume. It could start with a general overview entry.

* An automatic life recorder or categorizer to watch everything you are doing and turn it into a detailed narrative.

* Memories of a single life event described in full could be a "holographic" encompassment or map of a whole personality. The same could be true for a random thought, fully extrapolated to all the other memories it links to.

* Your awareness might be reverse engineered, by recording or describing many different things that you know. All these things could then be combined, or thought about simultaneously, in an artificial mind. Though these things are not part of your mind, if linked together in one system they might describe an outline of your mind.

* The brain doesn't make awareness by itself. Brains are not enough. They need a constant stream of complex inputs. These create deeper layers of self-input, which compile the personality. This process could be software-simulated at lower resolution, but allowed to continue further than happens in nature.

A novel about this subject:

Friday, June 4, 2021

New! Very short science fiction stories:

Quantum immortality:
Neutron star flyby:
The reason:
and the novel:

The nature of science

Science is a highly specific human construct.
It deals with those areas of nature where it is possible to make very slow progress, in tiny steps, over vast amounts of time.
A great deal of work for a small result, which will have big implications.
If you happen to be interested in the nature of human awareness or preferences or communication, no such progress is possible.
Those fields will require a huge mental leap before any improvement in understanding could begin.
So many strange insights from missing fundamentals. Most of them would be simple but make no sense at first. If I could have known what I know now in 1986, I would have been the smartest person on Earth then. If only I could get a message from 2056 . . .
I've waited my whole life for such a mental leap. It may never happen. Of course Scientologists say that's exactly what Hubbard did, but you have to exactly follow his endless instructions for many years before you begin to feel it.


In the 1980s, I invented an SF story plot idea about various countries and groups creating their own digital currencies.
These were fiat currencies, in the sense that the issuer could always create more virtual currency units. Each unit was its own self-actualizing computer program.
Some of these made-up currencies would explode in value as they became popular in the world economy.
Real-life crypto currencies are much better than this, since the number of currency units that can be created is limited. But they are also absurdly wasteful, not to mention unfair to late adopters.

BLM activists and their government/media supporters are strongly opposed to the police. They want them defunded or maybe even abolished. People's commissars would maintain the peace and enforce the Will of the People as relayed by the Party vanguard instead.
Well I'm against the police too, but for quite different reasons.
In practical terms, the police are the ones who make it impossible for those who need it to get euthanasia.

Reality is fantastically, incredibly, unbearably horrible

The biggest (and only) problem in reality is the problem of pain, or more specifically torture.
This could be described as the problem of involuntary or forced existence.
The practical solution of suicide is blocked by the powers that be. Scientology also tries to prevent suicide on its facilities, especially at the Flag Land Base, by immediately expelling those deemed at risk of doing it.

The ultimate solution to the problem of suffering may not exist.
I can think of only two general solutions, and the choice between them is what I have called the greatest mystery (that humans could still understand). The two possibilities: to give up pleasure, or to maximize pleasure.
What if the first is correct?
Seems like minds couldn't function without pleasure. They could still be allowed to feel pain in short bursts. Self-motivation through limited pain might work over sufficient time. The rest of their existence would be neutral. Giving up pleasure seems horrific, but the pain of that loss could be blocked.

This could affect Mind Backup research, and even speed it up. For now, Mind Backup can only be based on lists of memories and facts, instead of mental perception methods that we don't understand at all.
A flawed (i.e incomplete) mind backup could be better than a real one, if it leaves all the emotional parts behind. Emotions may be an intrinsic horror.
Any Mind Backup that becomes complex enough to achieve awareness may be more like Mr. Spock than yourself, but fully believe itself to be your Closest Continuer.
Only abstract viewpoints remain, but will be realized in full.

Saturday, May 15, 2021


A science fiction novel about the Singularity happening much sooner than expected. Just how strange could things get?
Singularity Soon
So far six chapters are up, with more to come.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

the Flag Land Base zone: redevelopment news

Some months ago, Clearwater asked investors for proposals to develop three downtown parcels owned by the city. These were due by April 12.
Five proposals were received from various groups. At least one of these groups is fully controlled by Scientology / David Miscavige.

April 13, 2021 News Article

Unfortunately, the content of the proposals remains secret. Miscavige has already tried to buy some of the land under consideration. His goal is to modify these lots in such a way that non-Scientology tourists will continue to avoid the downtown area. For that reason, it would be very interesting to read the proposals, especially the one from the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc., the group nominlly running the Flag Land Base. Some of the other groups may be shill companies, with deliberately even worse proposals.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

What does it mean to say the world is evil?

It means the world is full of deliberately evil people. It's a human group problem. Evil starts not as sadism (that comes later), but as conformity. The problem of evil is denied by the masses, especially its biggest victims.
For me, the problem is best illustrated by the people at Microsoft, Firefox, Canon . . . The face of Satan is the face of a computer programmer. Others might say it's the face of the average ("theetie-weetie?") Redditor or "tech support" goon. Evil is the invincible power of stupidity. Or maybe it's the face of a bureaucrat or other type of mugger.
I've had people tell me Hubbard was one of the most evil people ever. Personally I think that title should go to Bill Gates, not for what he did, but for what he did so malevolently. I've been cursing that shitman for over twenty years. Not for any grand conspiracy theories, but for the personal tortures inflicted by that devil's deliberately defective software.
Evil feeds not on hate but infinite indifference. The solution to evil is not love, but simplicity. And nothing is more "difficult" than simplicity.
The deep truth about Scientology is the truth of the world, and Scientology is an almost ideal model of how the world works.
The masses make the rules, and evil is pure mass consensus.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Trouble at the Flag Land Base

A guy on a "cult tour" made the mistake of shining a laser pointer at some of the hundreds of FSO security cameras that are monitoring all of downtown Clearwater.
He was quickly arrested, and is now trying to raise funds for his legal defense. (
Reportedly the downtown area was very quiet that day, with few staff members out and about. But they were watching.
If the cult tours continue, Miscavige may even try something; some kind of staged demonstration at a time and place of his choosing. They are great at group operations.
During the LA riots of 1992 (history described here), Sea Org and Day/Foundation crews at the "other Flag Land Base" (the Advanced Org known as Pacific Area Command or PAC) formed a human cordon around their most valuable properties to discourage looting.
If there is a civil breakdown in the USA, Scientology may begin to thrive again in its own way.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Today at the Flag Land Base

A major event is scheduled for today, as a group of Scientology fans will conduct a self-guided walking inspection of Scientology's Mecca, a.k.a. downtown Clearwater, home of the Flag Service Organization ( or this site).
We recently learned that the head of Scientology (and of the Sea Org), Captain David Miscavige himself, has relocated to the Flag Land Base and is making occasional appearances there!
That makes sense. The FLB is now the largest concentration of Scientologists on the planet, ahead of the Pacific Area Command base in LA, the top secret "Int" base near Hemet CA, and Saint Hill base in England.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Life after death (Part 3)

We live in a perfectly consistent universe. Reality appears to be infinitely stable.
It seems our minds are anthropically anchored by reality, which prevents anything weird from ever happening. Not once in all of history has there been a miracle of any sort whatsoever. Only delusions and illusions.
But why should anthropic anchoring continue to work when our consciousness becomes degraded, like in dreams, or for that matter any moment you're not paying perfect attention? Such non-rigorous perceptions are by definition outside science.
In that case, dreams might be a "gateway" to the infinitely vast universe of possible perceptions, of which our rational waking reality is but a tiny subset.
Things could get very strange. When you fall asleep at an unusual place you are more likely to dream about that place. Also, the dream is more likely to be unusual, like that one time I fell asleep at a party, then dreamt the place had turned impossibly into an empty house. In fact I still haven't woken up . . .
When your consciousness degrades as you die, it might come to resemble and "merge" with deeply strange patterns in the universe of possible perceptions. Even if death comes suddenly, this mental universe contains an infinite number of "closest continuers" - patterns of possible minds that get to experience a miraculous escape (quantum immortality) or even a resurrection or an actual afterlife.
Of course, almost all possible continuers are completely absurd and unstable.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Fun with Scientism; or evolution is stranger than you think

Superpowers are relative:
If an ordinary individual was transported from our universe to the Marvel or DC Universe, they might have a superpower upon arrival there.
Without being changed in any way, they would have the superpower of genre transcendence. They would be more likely to be free of the infuriating conformity and stupidity of these fictional cinematic and comic book universes.

There is no good reason for pain:
Pain is random, absurd, and unnecessary. That doesn't prevent there being an infinite amount of it. I call this pessimistic view of reality the Tortureverse.
Some say that pain is a powerful evolutionary tool, that is said to "serve a purpose" by "protecting" an organism from placing itself in dangerous situations.
This view is also false.
In an infinite and endless universe, it would be perfectly possible to achieve the same results without pain. There would only be gradients of more or less pleasure. This would work slower than gradients of pain and pleasure, but that doesn't matter in an infinite universe.
Pain is a purely parasitical process, an existentially useless curse.

Evolution selects against evolution:
Maintaining existing genes must be as important as evolving new genes.
This prevents better systems from evolving as fast as they should. Anthropically speaking, that may be why we are at the very bottom of an infinitely complex omniverse.

Waiting for the first true sign of progress:
That would be a way for almost anyone to make money, except for people who should be locked up anyway. Right now we're heading in the opposite direction.
Imagine software that actually helps you, instead of helping you make things more complicated.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

The secret of the world

When you realize how evil the world is, and how totally deliberate this evil is, and above all how all-pervasive this evil is, things become a lot simpler in many ways.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Saturday, December 26, 2020

New hard SF short story: Buddha's Wheel

While this is set on a completely different starship, it includes many ideas I came up with years ago to "explain" all the mysteries of "Rendezvous With Rama" before the non-canonical sequel novels were published.

Friday, December 25, 2020

New science fiction short story (7000 words)

This blog is interested in complex conspiracies set in the present or in the not too distant future.

The purpose of this blog

This blog is about attempts to bring science fiction to life in actual reality.
One of the best examples I know of is the Flag Land Base.
There are others, like the reality distortion that occurs inside any sufficiently totalitarian society (those you can't visit quite as easily as Clearwater, FL.).

My personal definition of science fiction is a type of story that is presented like something that could really happen - but the story creator does not believe it will really happen. They understand it's fictional exaggeration.
That means the author accepts a degree of unreality in the story, which may be taken from other genres (farce-like, horror, comedy).

That is also why Michael Crichton was not a science fiction writer.
He always presented his well-written but unlikely stories as if they could really happen. That was part of the secret of his success. And of the Flag land Base.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Life after death (Part 2)

L. Ron Hubbard wrote and talked extensively about thousands of previous lifetimes as if they actually happened, and as if we all experienced them.
He didn't explain the basis of his metaphysical philosophy. The closest he came was the concept of a "static".
This leads to a rather strange notion.
Bear with me here: whatever happens after we die, might also happen while we are still alive (assuming that anything can happen after we die).
This mysterious phenomena, the continuation of our thoughts and perceptions under radically changed circumstances, is far less likely to happen while we're still alive - but it shouldn't be impossible.
While alive, our mind patterns are anthropically anchored in a much larger universe or multiverse, of which they form a tiny part.
That means things can't suddenly get extremely weird. Or at least it's vanishingly unlikely for such weirdness to appear.
But once we die, that protection disappears.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Ultra-short SF story: Nanonyme

You stood motionless on the side of the road with your back to the sunrise.
It should be getting brighter in that direction too, but something was different this morning.
It was hard to feel anything when you didn't know what was happening, or if anything was happening at all. Hard to recognize something no one had ever seen before.
The impression was of an immense wall approaching from the west.

The entire sky was filled with a suspension of dark dust. Microscopic particles floating in the air, as if they were crawling through it.
You realized the particles were already around you. The impression was of fast movement. Were they moving past or just appearing somehow?
The flow wasn't random enough. The dust stayed too smooth, intermittent bright and darker areas in the sky as if they lined up in all directions.
The density was low, but there were many of them. Was it getting warmer?
You phoned your mother then, who lived ten miles further west, deep inside the strange fog. The call went through fine, with only a slight delay.

"Everything's fine dear," your mother says. "I was just making breakfast a bit early. Still dark outside but the birds are already singing."
The voice is just right, but that's not exactly how your mother talks.
You start to say something, but then you hear several other voices talking at once. They are versions of your own voice, talking to different people you know, saying that everything is OK and not to worry.
As you keep trying to interrupt, your other voices become more animated and lifelike, adapting and learning from your unheard efforts.

The sparse traffic seems to have stopped in the fading gloom. No headlights to be seen.
There are some lightning sparks in the distance, snaps and crackling coming closer. A single cyclist zooms past, but his legs move in a blatantly artificial way.
The dust is a vast machine, sliding like an avalanche that will soon be everywhere.
You'll have the rest of your life to admire its beautiful simplicity.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Life after death (Part 1)

Could human consciousness continue if the human brain is obliterated?
According to L. Ron Hubbard, the brain is not that important for consciousness. It's a pretty arbitrary lump of tissue.
Scientists on the other hand, believe that human consciousness IS the precise state of the brain at each moment.

Could they both be right? For example, could the same human consciousness be recreated in another object if the human brain dies?
IF human consciousness can somehow survive death, there's no reason this process shouldn't follow the Principle of Mediocrity.
That means that even IF something unusual happens, it should happen in the least unusual way possible. That is the easiest (and therefore most likely) way a supremely unlikely event can occur.

So what does this imply for life after death? When we die, what can we expect to happen?
Out of an unlimited number of possibilities, the least unlikely outcome is that we would "wake up" in the near future, in a parallel but similar universe, in a still understandable situation.
After you die, you could expect to be recreated as a fully aware experimental computer simulation, in a future version of earth, that appears to be consistent with all your memories.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The one reason why everything sucks

Maybe it's not the only problem, but it's the thing that's blocking the solution to every problem.
It can be stated in many ways that are all true, but none are defined enough.
The problem is that to solve problems, you have to learn new things. You have to change yourself by becoming somewhat smarter.
And learning is a pain in the brain.
This pain even prevents itself from being analyzed or talked about. It's just too painful

L. Ron Hubbard wrote (and talked even more) about some aspects of education.
Education is difficult for the same reason that work is difficult.
The problem of life is that there's never enough time, even on the rare occasions it seems there is. 99 percent of a task is often the last 1 percent of the task.

And in those rare cases that time does not pass too fast, it passes much too slowly (which is why dieting is impossible).
By now some readers may be blaming what Hubbard called the Reactive Mind, a concept vague enough that it's actually a good metaphor. It's completely unscientific, but the first step when dealing with the unknown is to give it a name.

Science is great at figuring out weak signals, hidden interactions, elaborate puzzles made of many elements.
The shape of messenger molecules, strange forces you can never feel, incomprehensible constants to uncountable decimal places. All reductionism: molecular, biochemical, organic, systemic patterns repeating mechanically.
These are also things Hubbard made fun of in passing, without knowing much or anything about them.
But he was right about one thing. There really is something wrong with science.

The solution to the type of pains we encounter during forced study or work or dieting (if a solution can be found) would involve as-yet undreamed degrees of mental manipulation, something to do with action cycles at the core of awareness. It might require drug-like effects or actual amnesia or hypnotic drugs.
Like education, it would involve changing the mind.

Hubbard came up with "Study Technology" to try to do that.
It's about as slow as any study method, but has the advantage of being a rigid linear process. It doesn't have many of the usual stressors of mainstream education, with no direct pressure from teachers.
Scientology has the rule of no evaluation or invalidation. They are of course world-class hypocrites about the application, but in theory that's a really good idea.
Often, when trying to change someone's mind, the most useless thing you can do is give a suggestion or other opinion. Maybe not if the idea seems original or revolutionary enough, but that is rare.

Educators need a way to transfer information even if the student doesn't want to be there.
No one even seems to care about this subject. Almost no progress is being made, save for a few insights, like not praising skills but completed work effort.

I have always wanted to accelerate technological progress in the hope of escaping this reality. A few people like Elon Musk give the appearance of trying.
But maybe we've been going all wrong about it.
The foundation of future progress may not be technological, but in human mind research.
Making people smarter won't involve altering their brains, but seamlessly linking their minds with intelligent software. I've been doing my part by thinking and writing about the subject of mind backup technology.
It all boils down to finding a way to make more time.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Downtown Clearwater is really nice this time of year, albeit a bit empty.

Still no photos from inside the Cause Resurgence chamber...

Warning: we are accumulating a dangerous news deficit.

Warning: we are accumulating a dangerous news deficit.
The world is now duller than ever, in entirely new ways. Everything vital has stopped, leaving only a gray numbness. The biggest dynamic news event of the past few months may be that some guy shot two other people.
This is dangerous. Humans have not evolved to be this passive.

NON-Scientology links:
A software tool that may infringe on Scientology's trademarks:

A parody project that is seeking to gain real tax exemption:

Thursday, August 20, 2020

No current reports about conditions at the Flag Land Base

 Mark Rathbun posted some good data over five years ago. He had some great stuff back then:

More recent data from late March this year. A great rising blog about the organization:

Requesting that anyone with current data post at this post's comments . . .

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Scie-Fi story: The long wait ends

The locked room was as secure as the Sea Org could make it.
Large windows frosted the Florida sunlight into bright fog. The walls were fully soundproofed.
A small elevator door opened at waist level, and a box slid onto the empty desk. The top of the box opened itself in a cool way.

He took out the leatherbound folder with golden letters on front: SOURCE BRIEFING - CONFRONTING THE 8TH DYNAMIC
The text printed on heavy paper stock wasn't written by Ron, but it was all based on his originations.

He took out the golden Video CD, and inserted it into the player that was cunningly concealed in the desk.
Dramatic music began to play, and the room darkened. The dark wall in front of him was actually a screen.
Now it showed a stormy night sky with flashes of lightning.

"God!" the narrator intoned. "The being with power unlimited, existing in a state of freedom absolute!
Quite simply, the personification of absolute power."

Pictures of wide-eyed, soot-covered, half-naked gurus and swamis faded across the screen. Some were mumbling, some chanted and made dramatic gestures.

"Throughout the ages, countless mystics and holy men have sought to contact the highest Being through entirely spiritual means.
They succeeded! They have brought back many reports and testaments."

Ancient tomes and scrolls filled wooden planks in a stone-walled library.

"Many tales about the acts of God are recounted therein. All these narratives are to be treated as presumably true by Scientologists, albeit incomplete.
One of the most important such events happened almost two thousand years ago. At that time, a being of unimaginable power was present in what is commonly known as the 'Holy Land'. We could visualize this Being as a metaphorical pillar of fire. It was very closely associated with the 8th Dynamic, if not fully God.
Some changes were made then, and things have never been the same!
The temporary presence of this Being left a great legacy. The purpose of the intervention seems to have been to send less than half the people to Hell."

The screen paused to give him time to allow his mental file clerk to store the information in his analytical mind.
Then he picked up the solo cans and performed the necessary e-meter drill.

"Both before and after these events, God was given many names in human cultures," the narrator continued after his needle floated.

"We also have several names for the Being others call God. Henceforth, our preferred name will be Mavel. We will use Holos for when that is linguistically inappropriate, and Shai-Huruq for translations in more martial cultures.
Our descriptive name for Mavel is The Underestimated. Our descriptive term is the Chronoreductive Imperator. That means Mavel reduces our time."

He didn't recognize the narrator's voice. For a moment he wondered if it was the Founder, back in a new body. Could it be?
Despite his intense concentration, the lecture seemed to split up into many separate fragments:

"We will not speak against the utterances of pastors or preachers from other faiths, with one exception. If a cleric states that someone is rebelling against God/Mavel, then we must always disagree. It is not possible to rebel against a Being this powerful, since nothing anyone can do can affect it in any way."

"Likewise, the communication formulas mandate we can't interrupt an incoming origination until it has been fully received. The only exception is if someone asks if Mavel is powerful enough to . . . we can then interrupt, and say that yes, he is. Even then, abrupt ARC breaks should be avoided."

"Does Mavel have a sense of humor like some reverends have chuckled?
To the extent that humor could be described as the surprising subversion of expectations, one would definitely be correct in saying such a thing.
Someone might pray to get their dream job, but instead they get something else."

"The good news is that if you pray for something you want, and Mavel wants it too, it will happen.
The bad news is that if you don't pray for something you don't want, but Mavel does want it, it will also happen."

"Mavel is not a "nice guy". Anyone who says he is a nice guy will not be punished, but he will not be rewarded either.
We must beware of the wrath of Mavel, so as not to be 'consigned to the flames'."

"Some say that faith alone can save people. Certainly, one may rely on faith and prayer for all one's needs if one so desires.
We offer Scientology to those who for whatever reason wish to do additional things in order to change their conditions, and only to those persons."

"Prayers in Scientology are highly restricted, but the personal right to pray should never be restricted.
If any government decrees that its subjects cannot pray, we will join members of other faiths to protest these restrictions."

"All religions are 'true', but they are not identical.
For example Islam, the faith of some of our strongest allies, comes from the "highest of the high". We, on the other hand, come from the lowest of the low: a ward of gravely injured war veterans suffering alone, utterly incapacitated and without any hope at all. That does sound terrible - but then Source arrived to begin their and our long escape from the most diabolical trap ever set. His own research started by studying the plains Indians, leading to the realization that other ways of existence were possible. From there he moved to Asia, Europe, Africa, the oceans.
There was no other way. To attain total freedom, one must start from nothing."

The words CLASS XIII TECH DATA TO FOLLOW appeared onscreen during the next break.
He sat upright and assumed a serious expression, knowing that unseen cameras recorded his every move.

"Imagine a needle a billion lightyears away on some distant asteroid.
It is not connected to anyone here on earth in any way. All we know is that it exists.
Is the needle pointing left or right?
If you ask enough people which way it is pointing, the average of all their answers will be slightly more correct than false.
This, then, is what we call the Sideforce."

"Then there is the Downforce.
That could be described as excess entropy. Its source is omnimalevolence.
We must overcome one with the other."

"For that reason . . . Operating Thetan Level 9 (OT-9) will have to be a group process.
Your experience at this very moment, as you receive this confidential briefing, is identical to the experience of countless other Scientology parishioners throughout this and other universes.
It is a unique bonding experience, calculated to link your widely separated minds together."

"I can already tell you the outline of the End Phenomenon, but not its nature. That transcends all words and worlds: for the first time ever, your combined thetan viewpoint will behold Mavel in his endless glory."

"This Level will be done in an exterior state."

The room went instantly, absolutely, and irreversibly dark.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Coronavirus contagion risk in Ruth Eckerd Hall

It is reported that a major Scientology event will take place this evening at Clearwater's own Ruth Eckerd Hall, with up to 2,000 attendees.
It's the L. Ron Hubbard annual birthday event, where Captain David Miscavige will address the IAS members present.
The event has NOT been postponed:

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mark Bunker for major of the Flag Land Base?

On March 17, 2020, the voters in Clearwater will elect a new mayor and two new city council members.
Investigative journalist Mark Bunker will not be running for major (maybe in 2024?) but for Seat 2, against four opponents.
This will be the most watched city council election in the USA.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Flag Land Base Day (2019)

Three days ago, on December 7, 2019, Flag Land Base Day was celebrated (Confusingly, some websites list December 6 instead).
This date on the Scientology calendar commemorates the opening of the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida in 1975.
We have been looking for any online reports about the festivities, but there are no mentions.
The rather small number of Scientology websites seem to be saying little. The usual handful of blog posts about some small demonstrations and indoctrination gatherings. To be fair, these events are presented as vitally profound and world-changing.
However, we should expect a bigger event next year, for the Flag Land Base's 45th anniversary.

2015 mention:

Flag Land Base: The Coachman

This complex is used for training outer org staff. The various Golden Ages of reformed processes were taught here, starting before the turn of the century.

2014 mention:

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Flag Land Base staff question:

We're trying to find out who pays for the Sea Orgers health insurance plans in the Clearwater area.
The cheapest health insurance in Florida runs over $250 per month, with like a $5000 deductible.
Those are the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act / Obamacare / plans for workers who aren't insured through their jobs. Also known as the "Health Insurance Marketplace".
It helps that most FSO staff members are young adults with few health conditions, but they are at higher risk of repetitive strain and other injuries, and various stress related ailments, both physical and mental.
Annual pay is only enough to afford one month of health insurance, so someone else has to pay the Flag Land Base staff premiums
But who???

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Clearwater: The first Scientology city

Scientology has published an online edition of Freedom Magazine that includes videos of plans they cancelled two years ago that show how they would have brought in area control in the Flag Land Base area.

Lots of upscale/high-end (albeit generic) businesses in the blocks around Flag Land Base properties. They would have had executive control over the area's appearance and what could happen there. No downstat activities would be allowed.

Monday, October 21, 2019

A major investigative news report about the Flag Land Base area

The Tampa Bay Times has published another important article about the emerging core area of Scientology: the greater Flag Land Base area in and around downtown Clearwater, Florida.
The article is a sequel to the "Truth Rundown" from 2009.

What's happening there could be described as a slow-motion "takeover" of Clearwater
The plan seems to be to buy businesses in Clearwater and leave them empty (some could also be turned into tax-free Scientology facilities).
This will make the area less attractive for the non-Scientology businesses nearby.
When the adjoining businesses or their owners go bankrupt, Scientology buyers can then acquire their properties for pennies on the dollar.

After a while this process will feed on itself, an accelerating chain reaction in Scientology's favor.
There's the added benefit of reducing Clearwater's tax base, weakening the local politicians.
But what do they need all these vacant properties for? Clearly, Scientology has big plans for the Flag Land Base area

The article:

Donate to the Tampa Bay Times investigative fund:

Friday, October 18, 2019

Flag Land Base funding source

A news article out today reports that in 2016, the Trish Joy Foundation made two donations to the Flag Service Organization (FSO). The FSO runs the Flag Land Base in Clearwater.
According to the data on page 21 of the 22-page tax filing linked below, the donations were for the dissemination and delivery of religious services. They were in the total amount of $2.65 million.
The larger of the two donations was in the form of AbbVie Stock. This is a pharmaceutical company that makes the cancer drug Ibrutinib (Imbruvica, Ibrutix).
In 2016, this drug cost about $150,000 a year per patient. AbbVie estimates global sales of the drug will be $5 billion in 2020.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Could OT 8 be done in the Flag Building in Clearwater?

There is at least one whole secret floor in the Flag Building.
If something happened to make the Freewinds cruise ship unavailable, Scientology boss David Miscavige could well declare that the top-secret OT 8 service (a.k.a OT VIII or OT8 or Operating Thetan 8) could be done in one of the secret areas. They might have to refurbish them and make them suitably "upstat".

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Looking for any information about the Cause Resurgence Rundown

Actually, we would settle just for photos of the Rundown. As you may know, the only image is a rendering of the main room that was submitted with the "Superpower Building" planning application.
So this building has been open for six years now, but somehow not a single photo has leaked out. No doubt all cameras are confiscated at the entrance, but a security guard may have taken some snaps of the circular running track, or someone of the (in house) cleaning staff. Getting these images will be our new mission.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Successful Life Center
1230 S. Myrtle Ave, Suite 404
Clearwater, FL 33756

This is like a "life improvement center". The manager is Catherine Jakobsen-Kao.
She also helped run Clear and Simple Bookkeeping, L.L.C., Turbocharged Turmeric, Inc., and Natural Plus Plus, L.L.C.
Fundraising started in 2015.
This facility is near the Flag Land Base, but is not part of the complex.

Welcome to

All about the Flag Land Base.

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Perhaps memory data extraction tests should first try to record all of a subject's secrets. Suppose you wanted to reconstruct the mind o...